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Every 2 months, your Green Bags go to 16 food pantries in the Medford area. We've asked the pantries to tell us a little about themselves and who receives the food you've shared. Here's the first in a series.

The Westminster Food Pantry, 2000 Oakwood Dr, Medford

------------------------- THEIR STORY ----------------------------

"Our pantry is open Tuesday mornings from 10:00 until 12:00. It is small compared to others in the valley, but we are humbled and grateful to be able to help feed our hungry neighbors. The Medford Food Project has helped keep our cupboards from going bare and has allowed us to increase the number of bags given out each week. Before receiving food from the Food Project, we were only able to give out 10-12 bags per week. Now we're able to distribute 30. The Food Project has also enabled us to give out some extras like toilet paper, toothpaste, baby food, pet food and cleaning supplies that are not on our normal shopping list."

"Recipients of the food that the MFP provides include a woman who came in recently, accompanied by her 14-year-old son. He has special needs and is being home-schooled. Because there are nine people in her family, the woman was given two bags of groceries. She smiled with gratitude and the boy gave our greeters, Rita and Del, big hugs of appreciation. She said that without the food, she didn't know how she could get through the week."

"Another woman arrived at the pantry one Tuesday morning and expressed anxiety over the dialysis treatment she was about to begin. She was worried not only for herself but her family, because she had to quit her job and money is very tight. Rita and Del assured her that the dialysis would make her feel better, and promised that food would be provided for her family. She left with a much lighter step than when she had arrived.

"The Westminster Food Pantry is glad to be a recipient of food from the Medford Food Project. On behalf of the children, grandparents, teenagers, retired pensioners, single moms and dads, and anyone else who come into our pantry, we thank you"

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